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Inspirational Leadership

Today’s global leaders need a clear understanding of themselves and their leadership style, in order to lead from a place of conviction in todays changing world.

Inspirational Leadership, empowers individuals through training and facilitation to become a catalyst for change in their organization.
Through facilitation, individuals discover their own leadership style and develop skills to step into their full leadership potential.
Through assessments and experiential activities leaders understand their impact and how others perceive them, enabling very powerful and individual personal growth as a leader creating a more effective, open, and authentic leadership style.

This experiential approach to leadership development  provides supportive, collaborative, and challenging opportunities to help people step into their full leadership potential

It is important to assess the needs of organisations in order to custom-design a program that addresses the challenges that are being experienced.

Curriculum design and Facilitation

Experiential and Action Learning training programmes that engage participants to give a rich and deep learning experience. The programmes are custom designed to the needs of each organisation and the level of the participants.

• Design of workshops that creates awareness of Group dynamics to foster inclusion and trust to enable powerful development.

• Creating a learning environment that ensures sustainable learning through support teams.

• Workshop design that focuses on experiential learning to give everyday tools to be used both in professional and personal contexts. Workshops designs will engage, build on strengths, confront with empathy and recognise polarities as strengths.

Team Building

Team or group coaching is one of the most time and cost effective methods for continuous leadership development. Rather than a quick fix of a day’s team building, it is a deeper and higher impact process, creating a sustainable and on going team relationship. It enhances the team's capacity for collaboration  and as a result creates clear and effective communication, collaboration, conflict resolutions and inclusion to create powerful unified and aligned teams.

See also Team Coaching.

“There is no passion to be found in playing small, settling in for a life that is less than you are capable of living.”

Nelson Mandela

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