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Hogan Leadership Suite

Behavioural assessment that looks at leadership potential and how behaviour changes in stressful situations.

Hogan Assessment helps organisations succeed by offering insightful assessments for developing key talent, hiring the right people and evaluating leadership potential.

Hogan Leadership Assessments give a foundation from where leadership coaching can help you create a more effective, open, and authentic leadership style.

Hogan Assessment is used for

Talent Management

Predicting and Improving all round

performance of the employees

Identifying and managing high potentials

Selection, Assessment, Coaching and Team building

“Learning how others perceive you helps you face the cutting edges of your own growth.”

Since 1996 Hogan Assessments have been used in multinational companies world wide to measure different aspects of personality:

  • The every day personality characteristics needed for success
  • The counterproductive characteristics that can derails otherwise successful leaders
  • The core values that reflect job satisfaction and organisational fit
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